Fixed Spreads Account

What is a Fixed Spreads Account?

In the forex market, forex spreads or the “spread” is the term used to describe the difference between the Bid and the Ask. The spread reflects many factors including market volatility, liquidity, volume and price.

Fixed spreads accounts have a predetermined and stable spread irrespective of market conditions and are conducive to spread trading which is one of the more conservative forex trading strategies.

Fixed Spreads Features

Instant order execution

Time is money. And never have these words rung truer than in Forex markets, which can move at incredible speed. Traders need to know that when they hit the button to execute an order, it will be executed at the price requested. With the NSFX Fixed Spreads Account, traders can trade with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their every trade will be executed at lightning speed. This speed of execution confers a significant trading advantage to NSFX Fixed Spreads Account users when compared to other market participants

Perfect for spread trading

Spread trading has been proven to be one of the more profitable trading strategies as well as being a lower risk trading strategy due to the reduced volatility associated with every trade being a hedge trade. Spread trading with a fixed spreads account further adds to the certainty in trading as traders know the exact extent of their spread costs.

Best Bid/Ask

When trading with an NSFX Fixed Spreads Account, clients know they are always receiving the tightest Bid/Ask spread. Tight spreads ensure the best trading conditions at any given time. They are achieved by having access to deep liquidity from NSFX’s multiple liquidity suppliers. When dealing in markets where every pip counts, knowing that the best Bid/Ask is always on display enables traders to concentrate on money-making decisions

Fixed spreads

About the only certainty in financial markets is uncertainty – and that’s what makes trading Forex so exciting. However, for traders wanting to add some certainty to their trading, using an NSFX Fixed Spreads Account guarantees that they know with certainty at all times exactly where they stand when it comes to their trading spread.

Direct trading access to Tier 1 banks

It is said that you can judge a person by the company they keep. This is also the case in financial markets. NSFX only deals with the best and most reputable Tier 1 banks (and they gladly deal with NSFX). However, beyond the prestige of dealing with these banks, it brings a practical advantage to NSFX clients – the knowledge that, irrespective of market volatility, they always have access to deep market liquidity