Trading Central

NSFX considers its main objective in helping clients to take informed trading solutions. That is why our company cooperates with one of the leading analytical providers - Trading Central.

Trading Central’s financial market research is independent and considers the interests of investors and traders by employing certain methods of technical analysis like:

  • Graphical analysis
  • Reading of indicators and oscillators with both standard indices and mathematical algorithms
  • Japanese candles signals

With such a complex approach and deep market insight it is very useful for both the novice and experienced trader. It also provides high-quality information necessary for defining trends, support and resistance levels, overbought and oversold market levels, possible trend shift points, etc.

Trading Central is registered as an investment consultant with the U.S. SEC, and is also a certified member of Investorside Research, EvroIRP, and AsiaIRP. As well as 38 out of the world's top 50 banks are subscribed to Trading Central.


Daily Newsletters

Delivered twice a day. the daily Forex technical analysis email service provides you with visual and technical analysis newsletters that detail trading strategies, predictions, commentaries as well as key levels (support, resistance, target, stop pivots) on multiple time frames.

Trading Central's Web Portal

Access Trading Central's global research directly through the Trading Central web portal.

Receive up-to-the-minute technical analysis on Forex, Indices and precious metals as Trading Central updates throughout the day.

Technical Analysis Plug-In

This indicator displays Trading Central's technical analysis strategies, views and market commentaries, as well as Trading Central's key levels (support, resistance, targets, stop pivots) directly on your trading platform, permitting you to execute orders based on Trading Central's level directly from your trading platform live charts.