Mar 24


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  • March, 24th, 2016 18:18 +00:00

Good evening,

the currency market session is quite thin in volume and volatility is quite low: EurUsd is flat and NzdUsd ,AudUsd are flat as well.  The Japanese Yen is losing 37 pips against the US dollar with UsdJpy at 112.72 (+0.33%).  The British Pound is gaining against Euro, Greenback and Japanese Yen as well.

US Indices are in negative territory, with the DJIA down 57.56 points at 17,445.03 (-0.33%) and the Nasdaq Composite at 4,752.56 (-0.34%).  Profit taking on Crude Oil (-0.83%); the commodity is trading at 39.46 $/barrel. Gold is down 2.2$ at 1,221.80 $/oz (-0.18%).

Tomorrow won`t be possible to trade Indices and commodities but the FX market will have normal trading hours.

(18:15 GMT).