Economic News

Apr 26


  • BY: Nati
  • April, 26th, 2013 9:13 +00:00

Bank of Japan’s interest rate remains unchanged following their monthly meeting. The BOJ has still got a 2% inflation target in their sights and believe they will reach that within three years. Others are not so sure. It is expected that Japanese money will be used to buy foreign bonds, and this has led to a slight reduction in yields in Europe and the US. The USD/JPY is trading at 98.58 with a high of 99.41 and a low of 98.23 so far.

The NIKKEI closed at 13884.10 down 41.95 or minus 0.30%

The ECB today will publish figures which will show exactly how much capital was withdrawn from Cyprus in the lead up to the Cypriot banking crisis. There have been capital controls in place ever since, this following a plan to place a levy on insured depositors. EUR/USD was trading at 1.3040 with a high of 1.3047 and a low of 1.2997 so far.

The FTSE100 closed at 6427.43 down 15.16 or minus 0.24% The DAX closed at 7821.97down 10.89 or minus 0.14%

US GDP Price index figures are released later this afternoon along with consumer sentiment figures shortly afterward. CABLE was trading at 1.5435 with a high of 1.5471 and a low of 1.5428 so far.

The DOW closed at 14700.80 up 24.50 or 0.17%

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