Apr 23


  • BY: Nati
  • Aprile, 23rd, 2013 9:50 +00:00

Figures from China show export figures are down from 0.5 in March to 48.6 in April. Weaker global demand attributed to a slow US recovery and the continuing recession in the Euro Zone. The AUS fell following the weak figures from China. Asian share prices also decreased. The JPY is weakening but has yet to breach 100 per USD. USD/JPY is trading at 98.63 with a high of 99.38 and a low of 98.58 so far today.

The NIKKEI closed at 13526.40 down 41.97 points or minus 0.31%

PMI figures released this morning from France, Germany and the Euro Zone are going to be watched closely. ECB policymakers have hinted toward a possible interest rate cut, with the Vice President of the ECB, Vitor Constancio saying that inflation has fallen ‘rather significantly’ and that a rate cut was ‘always a possibility’. EUR/USD is trading at 1.3045 with a high of 1.3067 and a low of 1.3032 so far.

The FTSE100 closed at 6280.62 down 5.97 points or minus 0.09% The DAX closed at 7478.11 up 18.15 or 0.24%

Weaker than expected housing figures in the US show sales are down 0.6% Now the Boston Bombing suspect is in custody, we can refocus on the US involvement with N. Korea. North Korea has now offered the United States and South Korea a list of conditions for talks, including the lifting of UN sanctions. North Korea wishes to be recognized as a nuclear state, while the United States said it will wait until North Korea will halt its nuclear weapon ambitions. CABLE was trading at 1.5265 with a high of 1.5297 and a low of 1.5248 so far.

The DOW closed at 14567.20 up 19.66 points or 0.14%

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