Our Technology

The NSFX Technological Advantage

Trading financial markets is fast paced and competitive. Participants need every possible tool. And this is what NSFX provides its clients – the trading technologies that give their trading abilities the best tools by providing the best forex technology on the market.

NSFX believes strongly in innovation – not innovation for the sake of it but rather practical innovation geared toward being a market leader with a focus on making our client’s trading experience user-friendly, seamless, intuitive, and quick.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower..." Steve Jobs

Innovation is incorporated into every design and system NSFX creates. As a forex platform created by forex professionals for forex professionals, NSFX management set out with goal of revolutionising the forex trading experience. And the results of the in-house architecture; created by leading developers, designers, analysts, and mathematicians is a source of pride for NSFX.

NSFX’s principal technological motto is:

"Our client's investments shouldn't be limited or affected by a technological constraint outside of their control or desire."

As many experienced traders will testify, the endless frustration of multiple logins and inaccurate data coupled with sluggish operational support often leads to missed opportunities and lost profits. In response, NSFX Ltd. has created MyNSFX, a unified client and partner management console fully integrated into the core system that incorporates the trading platform with every tool – and it is never more than one click away.

Finally, by structuring unique relationships with a number of 3rd- party vendors, NSFX has been able closely integrate their services and features with the company’s own technology. MyNSFX now offers a seamless flow between the client's desire for knowledge and the ability to act upon that knowledge. The consensus response of those who have tested the MyNSFX system is:

"So cutting-edge, it's likely to change the way every Forex Broker does business."
Immerse yourself in the Next Generation of the Forex Trading Experience -available only at NSFX.