Safety of Funds

As a regulated broker, it is of paramount importance to NSFX that clients' money are protected and respected at all times. Regulations imposed upon NSFX Ltd. ensure that NSFX is always in compliance with regulations so that clients can trade with confidence safe in the knowledge that their funds remain their funds at all times.
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1. Regulated by MFSA

NSFX Ltd. is regulated by the MFSA, one of the most respected regulatory bodies established within one of the most stable economies in Europe. As a regulated broker, NSFX Ltd. is licensed to operate a Forex Brokerage. To maintain its license, NSFX Ltd. is subject to stringent controls and tests of financial and accounting transparency.

2. Segregation of Client Funds

All client funds deposited with NSFX Ltd. are 100% segregated from the company’s funds, and, as required by MFSA, are deposited into separate bank accounts. This segregation of funds ensures clients deposits cannot be used for any purpose other than client account trading. Our international auditor, PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) is there to independently verify that NSFX’s business operations meet and exceed the highest industry standards.

3. Partnership with Investment Grade Banks

NSFX Ltd. partners with Tier 1 investment grade European and international banks that enjoy some of the highest ratings by Moody's, Fitch and S&P. NSFX Ltd. has partnered with Barclays, CitiFX Pro, UBS and Deutsche Bank enabling NSFX to utilise stable banking facilities with minimised exposure to credit risk and ensure our clients have access to deep liquidity when they trade.

4. Negative Balance Protection

An integral part of our proprietary technology is focused on risk-management for our clients. At NSFX Ltd. we’ve developed both the systems and procedures to automate monitoring of every transaction and risk-management process. This is done in order to guarantee that client account balances always remain in credit, while open positions are protected from losses beyond the original investment.

Use of logos of any financial regulator or authority does not signify endorsement or approval by such authority of the products or services offered by NSFX.